Be your own band!


Hi, we are Corey and Brenton Bridgman. The Suitcase kick drum idea has been around for a while and has many different versions of itself. But when we were inspired to have one for ourselves, we found it almost impossible to get our hands on one. So we were forced to make our own, after a while of  trial and error, we finally have a product that we love. 

We are passionate and excited about our products. Our hand made drum kits are made with much care and thought. We search out the best vintage suitcases for quality and look to repurpose them into a traveling kick drum companion. 

Whether you are playing live shows every night or just playing in your room, our hand made suitcase drum sets are built for it. We can customize a suitcase to fit your specific needs. Let us know what you are looking for and we would love to make it happen. 

We stand by our products and know you will too!


Stellar Culture and Products

We believe in hard work and quality products. These are the values that we stand by. It's what we do.

Custom Order

If you have an idea and don't see it here, lets make it happen! We will custom design a product just for you!